Eye of the Collector 2020

8-11 September 2020


T W O   T E M P L E   P L A C E

8 - 1 1   S E P T   2 0 2 0

Survage Nice

The gallery is proud to be exhibiting at the Eye of the Collector, the next generation alternative to the traditional art fair launching in London in May. Showcasing an exclusive selection of Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art, the fair is set within an elegant historic location and will take guests on an intimate artistic journey from Ancient to Contemporary art and design.

Without booths or boundaries, Eye of the Collector is a creatively driven selling exhibition that will take guests on an intimate artistic journey. Set in Two Temple Place, the former estate office and private apartment of William Waldorf Astor, guests will discover works of art across various disciplines, presented with a modern eye.

With works selected from leading galleries, dealers and artists, Eye of the Collector aims to create a multi-layered dialogue between the art and its architectural surroundings, thereby providing a new way to appreciate and buy artworks.

Venue details:

2 Temple Place


Opening Hours:

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A selling exhibition of works at Eye of the Collector 2020 by Alon Zakaim Fine Art.