David Breuer-Weil | The Vogue Landscapes

30 Cork Street, 8 - 31 July 2008
Vogue Landscape

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David Breuer-Weil is showing seven spectacular new paintings based on his own palettes in The Vogue Landscapes, the summer exhibition in the Cork Street Gallery, Alon Zakaim Fine Art.

Principally known for his searing, apocalyptic paintings, Breuer-Weil experiments with new media in two and three dimensions and has produced landscapes throughout his career. This latest exhibition reflects the artist's vivid exploration of the beauty of pure light and colour. As Breuer- Weil states:

"At art school I discovered the least known of Francis Bacon's works: The orange and red spots that were found on the walls and doors of his studio where he mixed his paints and cleaned his brushes. I was mesmerized by the colour and chaos. Seeing this when I was an art student, I started keeping my own palettes as if they were fully fledged works. When Vogue magazine published an article on contemporary landscape paintings they devoted half a page illustration to my palette, thinking that it was a deliberately executed landscape. Out of this came the idea that palettes are perhaps the most beautiful paintings, because they are completely lacking in any kind of pre-meditation. I decided to make a new series based on these bi-products of the studio. These paintings are landscapes in the truest sense, because they are a build up of layer upon layer, an archaeological dig, but in reverse. They reflect the crucial moment when the artist looks up from the palette into the distance."

Breuer-Weil (b. 1965), whose prominent patrons include J.K. Rowling, is one of Britain's leading figurative painters. He spent ten years as an expert in modern art at Sotheby's before leaving to pursue his own work. Although he has been producing them for many years, The Vogue Landscapes have never been exhibited before and are an exciting revelation in the oeuvre of this versatile artist.

The newest addition to Cork Street, Alon Zakaim Fine Art, a specialist in Impressionist and Modern Masters, is devoting a series of exhibitions to innovative living painters working in Britain and the Far East. Mr Zakaim has stated: "Breuer-Weil's Vogue Landscapes hit you like a new, updated Fauvism for the 21st Century. Like the palettes from which they derive, they are all about potential, and are the most unexpected and original response to the legacy of Francis Bacon."