David Breuer-Weil's 'Alien' at Chatsworth House

13 September 2013

DBW Chatsworth Alien

Gigantic in scale and dramatically posed, Alien presents a figure whose submerged head and title suggests an extra-terrestrial crash-landing. David Breuer-Weil's works often feature unsettling elements of otherness counterbalanced by playfulness. Discussing the present work the artist has stated: 'I have always been fascinated by the idea that we are not alone, that a massive Alien might suddenly land on earth. I wanted to capture the sense of wonder and shock that such an arrival would generate. Every new work of art is an Alien, an unexpected arrival. But I also think that an extra-terrestrial being would look like us, but perhaps much larger or smaller. The beautiful rolling grounds of Chatsworth House are the perfect setting to play out this scenario, the ideal place for such a landing. There is also a very personal element to the sculpture. My father arrived in England from Vienna with his parents as refugees in 1938. My grandfather was interred as an enemy 'Alien', a great paradox. Sometimes immigrants hide their true identity beneath the surface, like this sculpture. Many of my works, both paintings and sculptures, explore the theme of belonging or alienation. But with this work I wanted to use a vast, breathing human form to express the profound feelings associated with these themes. And I needed the massive scale to portray the intensity of these emotions, and Chatsworth House has a great history of showing works by emigre artists such as Lucian Freud'.

Another cast of this model is on display in Grosvenor Gardens in London and other works by the artist are exhibited on Hampstead Heath and Hanover Square.

Selected Press:

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