Will Thorburn: Endings | 15-19 August 2011

15 August 2011

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Will Thorburn, Endings

Will Thorburn returns to Gallery 27 this August with his second Cork St exhibition, Endings. Featuring previously unseen new works on canvas alongside pieces from the last two years, this solo show highlights the development of his earlier, linear and monochromatic style through to his current paintings exploring concentric anatomical motifs, making various references to the canon of Western art history, psychedelia and ornate designs originating in Persia. This admixture of past and contemporary influences has been a consistent theme in his work, and the selected works chart his changing sources and styles whilst following thematic content analysing mortality and archetypal forms through contemporary anatomical knowledge.

Following a tradition of contemporary artists adopting role of both curator and exhibitor, Thorburn has selected works to emphasise the new role of colour in his paintings, contrasting starkly with the intricate black and white technique of the past. Ruiner, Pleasure's Sabbath and The Years develop the concentric designs beginning with World Without End two years earlier; drawing away from the use of complete figures and relatively rigid structures, the dense and intricately interweaved imagery is brought to life through the use of fluorescent paints. The artist explains 'I found that certain aspects of my older works, particularly the facial imagery, limited the interpretation and emotional scope I'm trying to get to. Faces are too loaded; I want to get to a more primal response and think my new works are the first step towards this.' By moving away from his more structured imagery of the human body as in Living Ornaments and Birth Song, this purely visual approach to the organisation of his subject matter has given his works a new freedom.

Endings will be open at Gallery 27 between 15 - 19 August 2011. Opening hours are 10am - 6pm daily; viewings outside these hours are by appointment only. To view the online exhibition catalogue, please follow the link above.