Michel Ghatan | Studio Visit

18 August 2021
Photo London
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Michel Ghatan will be hosting an exclusive studio visit in conjunction with the Photo London VIP programme!

The tour will be a wonderful opportunity for clients and enthusiasts alike to explore the behind-the-scenes of a photographer's practice as well as include a sneak peek into Michel's new works.

Since first travelling to Tanzania in 2010, Michel Ghatan has been in love with the East African wildlife, seeking its beauty and remoteness which contrasts his city life. Michel has spent the decade since this first visit further exploring Tanzania, Botswana and Kenya, all the while developing his unique photographic process which is a testament to his passion for the wilderness. He uses local tribesmen including Maasai, Kikuyu and Samburu warriors as trackers, often on walking safaris - the purest method of meeting and photographing wild animals. Rather than relying on telephoto lenses and remote controls, which would allow him to work from the comfort of a Jeep, the majority of Michel's photographs are taken on foot with a 35mm lens, often taken as close as two meters from his subjects.

Please contact the gallery for more information.