David Breuer-Weil: Project 4

19 December 2012

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Emergence by DBW

David Breuer-Weil, Emergence in Hanover Square, 2012 (courtesy of the artist)

Alon Zakaim Fine Art are delighted to annouce David Breuer-Weil's forthcoming solo exhibition Project 4 at the Vaults in Waterloo.

Project 4 is the latest in the series of Breuer-Weil's monumental solo projects, and will include some 70 canvases alongside a number of sculptures. Revelling in a diverse and unruly mix of colours, it will fuse the themes of place, time and cause that have dominated his work since the mid-1990s with new concerns about the human condition and the artist's role as commentator and creator. Leitmotifs of humanity, philosophy and politics flit between the tragic and the joyous in a visual language that is as much absurdist as it is emotive.

The exhibition will run at The Vaults, Arch 233, Leake Street, London SE1 7NN from Thursday 7th February 2013 until Friday 1st March 2013.

Entry will be free, and opening hours will be 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday and 12pm-4pm Sunday.