'Emergence' by David Breuer-Weil unveiled | Hanover Square, London

19 May 2012

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If you are near Hanover Square in London this summer, be sure to view David Breuer-Weil's monumental work Emergence which has been installed as part of 'City of Sculpture', the City of Westminster's programme of temporary sculptural installations.

This four-part bronze shows a figure emerging from under the ground. The figure is deliberately sculpted in a craggy manner to resemble rough rock, suggesting the origins of Adam from the earth. The juxtaposition of the rough and smooth surfaces that compose the figure alludes to the sculpting process that we go through as humans in out evolution: whether in this life or the next. Across the body there are marks, drawings and scribblings that attest to the scars and lessons that are received and learnt throughout life. For further information click here and some further images can be seen on the artist's Facebook page here.


(Photos courtesy of David Breuer-Weil, 2012)